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Van Simone Floral photography produces some of the most original Floral Portraiture Sessions on Vancouver Island. Shooting with only high quality 35mm film, each and every Van Simone client shoot is unique and special in their own way. Our floral portrait sessions are perfect for headshots, as a gift to a loved one, to do with a friend or sister, or just to pamper and empower you. Once a location of your choosing has been picked, you will have time to shine in front of a gorgeously curated floral backdrop and behind a professional lens.  All of our portraiture sessions feature a private A-photographer, floral stylist, makeup and venue planning advice, and only the best 15 film prints.  Get the gift of timeless imagery. We design each individual session to capture your style, contact us to learn more. 




What makes engagement photos so special? Being able to accessorize with custom blooms, of course. And we have you covered. Our design process for your engagement shoot is driven by her, the woman who has said yes! We will curate a fully customized engagement portraiture session that shows the world how madly in love you and your partner are. An admired investment among couples on Vancouver Island, our Engagement Floral Portrait Sessions produce some of the most amazing imagery, while showcasing the bond between you and your partner. Vivid florals, professional direction, and the natural beauty of Vancouver Island. You can feel confident this will be time well spent. This investment session is captured elegantly on film and digital mediums by your very own private photographer and floral stylist. Add ons are available including a B-Photographer and feature florals.    

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Expecting a new born is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of a couple’s life and wanting to capture those maternity and new-born moments should be celebrated. Van Simone Floral produces timeless and authentic maternity and newborn photos in our Maternity Floral Portraiture series. Shooting with only high quality 35mm film, each and every Van Simone maternity shoot captures the beginnings of that special parent-child bond. Feel confident as a mother, while our A-photographers masterfully craft the perfect blend of natural and off-camera lighting to showcase your outer glow. The dearest part about capturing little ones is letting them be who they are; capturing their first moments of personality they can’t get back as they grow older, and simply having fun without too many expectations. What we do expect is to capture real and raw emotion in timeless photographs that can be treasured forever. 


Floral Portraiture sessions

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Interior Botanical Design




Commercial design


Van Simone Floral is proud to offer high-end interior design  services for your interior botanical landscape, commercial space or storefront. We specialize in Succulents, Cacti, Tropicals, and Custom Vessels. We create minimalist and inspiring interior plantscapes for businesses, companies and comfortable spaces. There are many benefits to ‘greening’ out your work or home environments that include: enhancing productivity by 12%, lowering stress levels for staff, creating a soothing environment for customers, and improving your brand and corporate image. Just ask our recent clientele: Lucid Clothing Co. © and Good Life Juice Co. © how much they love their Van Simone botanical styled storefronts. 


Natural home design

Van Simone Interior Botanical Design focuses on balance, placement, and texture. We create an environment that is healthy, supportive, and sustainable. Plant-filled rooms contain 50%-60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria. Indoor botanicals remove air pollution naturally and reduce humidity by 30-60%. A happy company is a productive one. Buildings that include plants in their interior show an increase in productivity. By providing plants throughout the interior of your building, both the aesthetics and the health benefits not only ensure the happiness and well-being of your employees, it will save money and increase profits. Connect with us to find out more. Van Simone Floral can offer custom colour and one-of-a-kind plants and vessels for your shared space. If your storefront, home business or public space needs a refreshing uplift of life and colour, connect with the Van Simone Floral team and take the green leap today!



home flora vessels

Dip your space


Van Simone Floral designs hand crafted plant vessels for your cozy indoor landscapes. We specialize in home Succulents, Cacti, Tropicals, and Custom Vessels. We create minimalist and inspiring interior vessels for every room in your home. There are many benefits to ‘greening’ out the environments you and your family live and work within each day. With spring just around the corner, Van Simone is featuring Hand-Painted Terracotta Dips! Pre-order yours today with a 50% deposit. All of our vessels are hand crafted with love and styled in detail.  

Van Simone Tropical Vessels are available in full matte black & white. Van Simone Dips come in pastel white, pink, and blue with your choice of tropicals or succulents. Plant Care instructions and nutrient soil included.


Large 3 gal. - $99.00

Med 1 gal.  - $44.00

Sm 12 oz.  - $32.00