Behind the Lens: Victoria Rivington


Behind the Lens: Victoria Rivington

May 11, 2017 by Ivanna Simone

Photos by Victoria Rivington

Some photographers have an innate gift for seeing beauty in the mundane, around every corner and in peculiar angles. It takes a particular person to capture moments that might otherwise be invisible to someone else’s eye. Victoria Rivington is one of those individuals who capture beauty in a very special and unusual way, and we are thrilled to feature her on the VSF journal. We have recently collabed with Victoria and have absolutely fallen in love with her unique approach and photographic style. Read on to learn more about Victoria’s unique style, showcasing beauty in non-conventional ways and finding inspiration in the every-day.

Hi, Victoria! Tell us about yourself and how long you have been capturing beautiful moments behind the lens?

I have been really serious about photography for 2 1/2 years. In the past, prior to purchasing a fancy camera, I was always that girl with her cell phone out, snapping images to capture the moments that might not otherwise be remembered. I love to reflect on certain moments in my life, and the lives of others, through photography.

"I want to create images that evoke strong emotion, and the human body does just that."

Your work captures raw emotions beautifully and often places your subjects in very juxtaposing moments and poses. How do you manage to achieve that so well?

I began photography with self-portraits as a means of self-expression. My focus lately has been on artistic conceptual nude photography because I wanted to have a body of work that was exclusively my own. I want to create images that evoke strong emotion, and the human body does just that. Nudity is often times taboo. I believe everyone has a right to his or her own freedom of expression, whether that be through nudity or modesty, it does not matter. Whatever gives you confidence and strength, that is your right. Be proud of your body, be real, be raw. This is a popular movement right now in today's culture; so many other models were onboard with the concepts I was trying to capture. I try to focus solely on the bodies, with the models faces usually hidden. I pair these stunning bodies, with a location to match. When I use props I like them to flow with the model and the photograph, the way a nude body fits into nature.

How do you manage to think up these interesting photo-shoot concepts?

To be truly unique in a world where everything has been done is hard. I do strive to try and be as original as possible and I hope I am doing that. We are fortune enough to be so connected by many like-minded photographers with social media. I'll see an idea and think, 'I'd love to do my own take on that.' Or 'that would look really good with an eccentric pose and a nude model.' Sometimes, the ideas will just come to me. I'll see an item or location and my mind just runs with ideas. I'm also very fortunate to be able to create with such like-minded photographers and models, where our ideas just bounce off each other! 

What do you love most as a photographer?

The thing I love most about being a photographer is the freedom I have to create. To be able to have the ability to produce an image that reflects my vision is extremely powerful. It's important to channel creative energy in a way that allows you to constantly learn and grow, to push the limit, and to be original. The people that you meet throughout the journey of photography is something I truly enjoy as well. Personally, I can feel alone in my art. This is only natural when you were putting a piece of yourself into the universe, unapologetically, a reflection of who I Am. Not knowing whether or not others will understand what I am trying to capture can be a lonely feeling. When I hear through feedback that my art is being understood and truly felt by others, that's when I know I have succeeded as a photographer.

"It's important to channel creative energy in a way that allows you to constantly learn and grow, to push the limit, and to be original."

Have you always wanted to be a photographer?

To be perfectly honest, no it wasn't my first choice, but once I picked up my camera I haven't looked back since!

Walk us through the process of taking photos. Do you have the same method for each project?

Every time I shoot, each set is completely different. If I'm shooting someone new I usually like to make him or her feel as comfortable as possible, especially with shooting nudity. The method is very unique to every situation, different landscapes to different weather. Lighting and seasons drastically change with each set. But generally, I love shooting from all angles and try to capture the subject to the best of my ability. My overall goal, which is the same for each set, is I want people to feel what I feel the exact moment I took the shot.

"My overall goal, which is the same for each set, is I want people to feel what I feel the exact moment I took the shot."

Currently, what is your favorite camera to shoot with?

My two favorite cameras that I really enjoy using are my Pentax and my Canon, both film cameras. There is something so distinctive about film. The way film accentuates colour is really something else. You never really know how a film shot is going to turn out, so it teaches you how to be a better photographer.

Which photographers do you admire, look up to and just really love their work?

Hugh Holland is one of my all time favorite photographers. 'Locals only' captured California's ‘70s skateboard culture.  It's real and inspiring. I also feel inspired by Woody Gooch's work. Woody's photos are like nothing I've ever seen before, the authenticity of his shots take my breath away. 

Do flowers, foliage and your natural surroundings play a role in your photography concepts?

If I had to choose over shooting indoors or outdoors I would always choose outdoors. I personally find shooting with such beautiful landscapes really adds to the overall mood of the photos. Natural light isn't always as harsh as indoor lighting. I strive to create the most innovative portraits I can. I love the strong contrast of the body against say, a mountain or forest backdrop. Push the limits and place your subjects where one might not necessarily be nude. Adding flowers to a basic portrait gives it that much more depth and really brings the photo to life. Something so delicate as the human body just pairs well with beautiful foliage. Mix that in with the simplicity of mountain backgrounds, or the woods and it just ties it all together. 

Photo May 08.jpeg
"I strive to create the most innovative portraits I can. Adding flowers to a basic portrait gives it that much more depth and really brings the photo to life."

What are you doing when you are not taking photos?

When I'm not taking photos I spend majority of my time editing them. It's a process and I want my work to reflect my hard work and dedication. I also really enjoy being outdoors and scouting out new locations. Even when I'm not physically using my camera, the entire practice of photography is incorporated into my everyday life. 

What keeps you inspired?

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by very creative people, whether that is other artists, models or entrepreneurs. It's harder to feel uninspired when I'm constantly reminded of the strong, determined people I have the pleasure of knowing. Watching others follow their dreams and do it with such passion is so motivating, however I am human so sometimes I do feel a lack of inspiration and creativity. So, I bring my camera everywhere. Even when I'm not working on my conceptual art shoots I stay balanced by switching up what I shoot to keep it interesting. It's really easy to get caught up in feeling 'uninspired' personally, and almost bored with photography. When you're constantly shooting the same thing over and over it tends to make you feel at a creative stand still. Experiment; change your location, your poses, and your props. Never stop pushing the boundaries. Stay true to you, take the photos for you, if you're shooting to please others you're always going to end up disappointed, and just enjoy the process of creating.

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