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From The Fire House To The Farm, This Cowichan Valley Engagement Is Both Hot And Romantic

June 2, 2017 by Ivanna Simone

Photography by Jennifer Jayde

We can’t think of many things sweeter than this countryside engagement session in the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island! Newly engaged couple Stepheny and Luke took Jennifer Jayde on a little engagement shoot rendezvous to Luke’s fire hall and the family countryside estate with their dog, Milo, their mini pot bellied pig, Moo, and the most romantic picnic set up. Between the couple’s casual glass of wine, playful kisses, and the steamy moments at the fire hall, we love the effortless affection that Steph and Luke have for each other!

Read on to see the amazing captures by the talented Jennifer Jayde and to learn how Steph and Luke met each other and fell madly in love! Excuse us as we grab a box of tissues to make it through their stories

"It's hard to not sound cliché but it’s true that everything happens for a reason and timing is definitely everything."





It's hard to not sound cliché but it’s true that everything happens for a reason and timing is definitely everything. I'm not sure how Stepheny and I never seemed to cross paths with how close our families have been over the years but obviously we both ended up in the right place at the right time. I had only been introduced to the shear natural beauty of the love of my life shortly before our first encounter and I thought to myself; it could never be. It wasn't until we crossed paths at Rock the Shores music festival when I really realized that all odds were against me and countless hours in the gym, sly witty remarks and a few bottles of liquid courage would not suffice to sway this extraordinarily beautiful and stubborn girl. But with a little persistence, shortly afterwards, we managed to come to an agreement to meet for a warm beverage and walk on the beach which now could be accumulated to our first "date." After being conserved of the situation, because of her future travels where we would later spend the next year long distance, it was clear after a short time together that we were a pair not to be reckoned with and I couldn't imagine my life without Stepheny.

We made the best of our time apart and the little time we spent together in Egypt; what a privilege it was to get to know someone in such circumstances. Each day was a new adventure and no day went by that I wasn't blown away on account of Stepheny's compassionate and caring ways. It wouldn't be long until the undertaking of plans for a proposal was in the works and the rest of the story writes itself.

"I realized that was the moment that I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man."





I grew up being best friends with Luke's cousin Michelle. Her family (his as well) was like my second family. I would argue with Nick as if he was my own brother and lean on Kyt for advice like a mother. I would spend a lot of time over at their house growing up as well as spending holidays with his family!

Luke and I didn't officially meet until one summer at a music festival called Rock the Shores. I was working at the music festival and he was doing what he does best (enjoying the music, drinking beers and hanging out in his floral short shorts). It was obvious that the two of us knew each other, but I played dumb. He proceeded to say "you don't like me do you?" and I responded with "Nope." and walked away. That definitely caught his attention because he was quite persistent after that. It took a bit of convincing, but I decided to give him a chance and we grabbed a tea and went for a walk along Cherry Point Beach in Cowichan Bay. We talked about our past, our present and our goals for where we saw ourselves in the future. I realized that that was the moment that I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man. I couldn't believe that so many amazing traits could be in one person. He's hardworking, passionate, caring, smart and can always make me laugh.

A year of long distance from Egypt to Vancouver Island didn't stop the two of us. It just made us stronger. I truly believe that there is nothing in this life that the two of us cannot conquer together. Luke is the type of person who makes light of any situation and knows how to put a smile on the faces of everyone who is fortunate enough to know him. I could not imagine my life without him and I feel very fortunate to call him my person!

Congratulations to Steph and Luke on your upcoming nuptials! Love this Cowichan Valley engagement shoot’s romantic vibes? Then you’ve got to check the blog for their dreamy wedding photos at the end of summer! Xx