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 Belly B a b y Love

July 7, 2017 by Ivanna Simone

Photos by Sanctuary of Light

Bailey Gale, a successful entrepreneur of not one but two businesses, BLashed and Rodan + Fields, and her hubby, AJ recently took Hayley Mangles on a little walk-about through their brand new nursery in their home to capture a series of stunning maternity photographs. Between the couple’s adorable French bulldog, playful affectionate kisses, and celebrating a new chapter in their lives as soon-to-be parents, we can’t get enough of these magical belly baby vibes!

Read on to see the beautiful captures by Haley Mangles of Sanctuary of Light and to get a sneak peek into the nursery space that Bailey and AJ will fall madly in love with their newborn. Like those moments when they are up late at night and there isn’t another soul awake in the neighborhood – just them and their baby, quietly learning about one another as they rock that baby back to sleep in the middle of the night. 

There are not many things in life more precious then welcoming a new child into our lives - this is especially true for women who are the safe havens for all the incredible development that takes place in a short nine months in that beautiful belly. Motherhood is a new identity in ones’ life that is emotional, peaceful, chaotic, mysterious but always beautiful in so many ways.

I have always felt strongly about wanting to create beauty through floral design for moments that are raw, real and show the deep emotions of a cornerstone moment in someone’s journey.  Celebrating maternity and motherhood has always been one of my favorites!

There are so many pressures in society today to have a “perfect” pregnancy. One that is Instagram worthy where you look cute as hell every day, one that doesn’t experience any complications along the way, and heck – you should probably be back in a bikini in about 2-4 weeks after labour! Yeah right.

The truth is, there is no such thing as a “perfect” pregnancy. Those nine long months can be and are for most women uncomfortable, painful, terrifying, exciting, and above all, they challenge any and all body image views you had of yourself. 

By being able to make a small contribution of flowers to a mama-to-be, I am able to help celebrate her love, her fears, her protective instincts, her vulnerability, her beauty and her powerful motherhood!

When Bailey asked me to create a flower crown for her maternity shoot, I knew that it was not only going to be one of the most gorgeous maternity shoots out there but it would also reflect some of my own feelings about motherhood.  And if I can be apart of making someone feel beautiful at any point in their life - then I have done my job! 

Congratulations to Bailey and AJ on the upcoming arrival of your first baby! We can't wait to meet the little one. Xx

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